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Page 3: Irrational Believer

/ Sunday, November 28, 2010 /
I may not an expert on religion or theology. You know, like, how to read what God really wants – God’s message behind every single event that occurred on earth. Or think that I’m one of the holy soldiers, so I should be proactive: preaching everyone to become more faithful to my religion, or convert other so they’ll have the same belief like I do. But as a human, I think it’s terribly wrong to attack and do horrible things to someone, just because they did not embrace the same belief. And it does very strange when people say the existence of different beliefs is a threat.

What threat if they just doing thing according to their beliefs, without coercion, and terror for others to convert to their beliefs? Is tolerance really that hard? And about them whom you think your enemy, you really think they should extinct? I don’t think so. If a different religion began to grow and develop, then there is a bunch of people who claim to be adherents of the majority faith attacked, because they think their religion can be destroyed by the development of other beliefs, I think it’s fuckin’ paranoid. And it’s fuckin’ pathetic. You...fuckin’ stupid bigot! Yeah, I use the f-word because you, irrational believer, use religion to justify all horrible things you do. Throw your humanity to do violence and told everyone its God’s will. Kill other people and say, “they’re not one of us. No big deal. It’s like killing animals.” WTF?! You make me sick!

You, paranoid creatures, for me, reflecting people who didn’t believe in your own religion! Attack others, simply because you assumed they’re the threat? What’s in your funny little brain? More important, where’s your heart? You’re your own threat! If you believe that your religion, your God, your faith, it’s a whole package of undeniable truth; the one that will save you in life after death and the judgment day, why bother? Do you really have met your God and The Almighty told you to ruin everything and everyone whose faith is different from you?

Could you...treat people just like you want them to treat you? That sounds much easier for me, rather than hunt and torturing them...  :(


adinda Silitonga on: November 29, 2010 at 10:03 PM said...

I never understand why people feel threatened by other people's believe. Tuhan tidak perlu dibela.

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