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Page 1: Tiny Reasons

/ Wednesday, November 24, 2010 /
Do you know what The Sticky Bun Book is?

The Sticky Bun Book is a small book. A super tiny one, which tells the story of an old baker whose grandfather, gave him a drink of a wonderful liquid he called “Rainbow Fizz”. It came from an island which the grandfather had been shipwrecked on as a young man. Because of its size, anyone who wants to read it must use “Magnifying Glass”.
Still never heard of it? Well, you can find it in one of my favorite books: The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder :)

Why I used it as a name for this blog? It’s because The Sticky Bun Book was the main object in The Solitaire Mystery that lead Hans Thomas (main character), to discovered stories about his family and learned a lot about life, mostly its philosophical side. From nature of existence, theology, to destiny, et cetera et cetera. A small book that contains lots of great things. That’s why..

…..Yea,rite! Naaaah, I never hope or planned this blog to be that “cool” and meaningful. Haha. I just like the name. It sounds like a “fun notebook” or “cute diary” in my ear. And because the name “atomsforpeace” already taken. Same thing happened with “vespertine”, “alethiometer”, and “subtleknife”. Crap! :p

So, I decided to take it as my new blog name, simply because I don’t want anyone else use it. :D

But yeah, come to think about it, that “learned a lot about life” is a pretty good reason, eh? :)


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