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Page 26: Right to Have Fun

/ Monday, January 10, 2011 /
Not so long time ago, I was facing this weird and silly situation for wearing hijab (or headscarf, or veil). So, here’s the story. I was going to watch this concert which held in a club, also reporting for this one music web. When I came to the venue to take my press ID and called its person in charge, she told me – by phone, didn’t come to me like other good PR officer with good intentions would – that I couldn’t entering the venue and watch the concert, simply because I’m wearing hijab. I was shocked at that time. Absolutely confused, even think that it’s some kind of jokes or hoax. Or I might hallucinate because I haven’t eaten anything for dinner. Why? I’m gonna tell you two reasons. One, it’s so silly. Two, it’s so effin’ silly.

After tweeted about that silly rules, this PR officer, the same person I’d called hours before, called me back. She told me that I could come, along with my friend that also wears headscarf and already bought the ticket. (Yay for the power of twitter that made them change their mind). This PR officer told me that she couldn’t let me in at first, because in that club, they sell alcohol. And they think it’s not a proper sight watching me in the same room with those bottles of liquors.

And I was like, “WTF?” Hahaha. Who did they think they were? Moral officer? They sell alcohol but then they worried I’m gonna drink it? It’s not their business, anyway. I’m over 21 and have residence ID card. That means, by law, I have my right to entering that club, even drink alcohol.

Were they afraid that some kind of extremist would attack them for letting woman that wearing headscarf in? If that’s the reason, why didn’t they just announce it before they sell the ticket? You can’t blame them if this is the major reasons. Those extremists are scary, while government seems careless with their brutal actions.

I’m not talking about my right to drink alcohol. Even though, by law, I definitely have right for it. I’m talking about my right to have fun. Right to come to each gigs, watching and listening to artist that performs there. If I already paid for the ticket, or have press ID for that show, then I have the same right to come and enjoying the party just like everybody else. With or without my veil, I have my right to have fun. Period.


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