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Page 33: Bounce!*

/ Monday, January 24, 2011 /

Goosebumps came first. Then shiver. After that, my jaw dropped. I just can’t believe my eyes. This…this…is a real deal! Holy scaly anteater’s plaque! I really wish I can catch them on the tour. Please, God… My dear GOOOOOODDDDDD… Make it real. Pleeeaseeee…..

I’ve been listening to System Of A Down since I was in high school. I remember listening to ‘Toxicity’ the album (in form of cassette**), every single morning before I went to school. Then my mother, as usual, asked, “What kind of noise is this?” or “could you please lowering the volume?” And I always answered that rhetorical questions with, “System Of A Down…Okay!” lowering the volume while singing, “Psycho groupie cocaine crazy, psycho groupie coke! Makes you high, makes you hide! Makes you really want to go- stop!”

At night, I turned on the TV and waiting for “Aerials” to be played on one national channel. You know the gap between one program to another? Like 5 minutes or more. Yeah, they didn’t put up ad, but video clip. Lucky me, they often picked System of A Down’s Aerials. :D

When I went to college, I met others SOAD’s fans who’s turned into my best friend, Martha. Oh, how we were listening to ‘Mezmerize’ over and over again, and wished that one day we’ll watch Tankian and friends, live in concert.
And..now..that..announcement..about..them..want..to..play..together..a-gain… this..year… We’re thrilled!

Fingers crossed.

*you can find this song in Toxicity
**damaged by some effin’ flood.


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