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Page 74: Accepting Vulnerability

/ Tuesday, July 12, 2011 /
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It’s okay to be drama queen (or king), sometimes. For having need to be on the spotlight. Not in an enormous stage, just a small set with the right audience(s). To caught their eyes. To be listened. Because, like it or not, we all born with “talent” to become vulnerable; at some problems, at certain moments. As we grow up, so does that talent, along with knowledge from people and things around to prevent you from breaking into million pieces.

I fully agree with that quote above. As much as I feel disagree how some people expect their friends to be “okay” or “fine” or “move on” right after they finish telling their problems. It’s cool if you don’t want your friend drown in sadness or gloominess. But everyone has different way and ability to cope with their own disaster. Some take a fast track, some take years to deal with it. Give them some time. Warn them when it's becoming too much. Yesterday, when I had “regular chat” with my best friend, I said that when I was a teenager, lovey-dovey stuff didn’t bother me as much as they do right now. Maybe because at that time, I knew there’s nothing deep with those guys. Maybe because, like she said, we finally found out that the world isn’t in our palms.

I thank L’Engle for that quote. Because for some adults, grow up is about strength, while tears and complaining are for the weak ones - and that’s how the phrase “I’m fine” becomes nothing but a lie.


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