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/ Wednesday, July 27, 2011 /
It’s been a busy month for me; ‘busy’, but at the end that word rhyme with ‘happy’. I finally finished two independent (not-that-magnificent-but-it's-fun) projects. Well, one of those was actually designed almost a year ago, ha-ha, but because of this and that, the “it’s a wrap!” moment just happened two weeks ago. I can’t write about that project now, for some reasons, but I will when the time is right.

But for the other project, since it’s officially published, I think I can tell everything about it right away. So, the project called “A|typical”, collaboration with Aditya Wijanarko, Cempaka Surakusumah, and The Two Awkwards. We accidentally decided to make this package of words, scratches, and music three weeks ago. Yep, it’s an “accident” at first, because Adit ‘brilliantly’ said to me in a chat that he wanted to give away some free stuff but he couldn’t specifically describe the stuff. Haha.

At the day after, I sent him several concepts and he picked one. Long story short, we decided it’s going to be a pocket book, stuffed with pieces of conversation by two fictional characters: Aresh and Athena with illustrations, and music CD.

The title “A|typical” means conjoin of “atypical” and “a typical”; “random” and “usual”. Just like conversation we regularly have every day. Sometimes we find it random, enlightened, or pointless. But we all do it for the sake of being human, for killing silence and loneliness. It’s a “habit” to give our mouths other functions except chewing food to feed stomach – it also feeds brain.

And…there you go. After picking stories, drew illustrations, woodcutting for cover, printing, photocopy-ing, recording, folding, binding, we’re satisfied with this first project. For me, personally, I really love the illustrations for the two fictional characters, thanks to the talented illustrator, Cem. :)

Well, I guess I agree with this quote by Dwayne in Little Miss Sunshine: “You do what you love, and f**k the rest”. At the end, what really counts is the process, and the true acknowledgment is come from yourself, that you’d finally be able to finish something you’ve started. And it’s kinda weird knowing that that’s enough, that I did it to pleased myself. :)


Blabbering: Me
Scratches and images: ADW&CEM
Something for your ears: The Two Awkwards

Meet Aresh and Athena

ADW&CEM. Sweet couple, aren't they? :)

Manual coloring the posters
Folding and binding

The “not so special edition”. Each person drew and signed the covers. I guess mine is the worst nyahahaha


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