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Page 79: Current Obsession (part 2)

/ Thursday, August 4, 2011 /

Always have sympathy to Indrajit, maybe because when my Grandma still alive, she always told me that Indrajit was a good giant. Despite his father, Rahwana, is evil, Indrajit disapproved of Rahwana’s greed for power and lust for women. Even so, Indrajit still put respect for Rahwana and obey him like a son usually does.
According to one version popular on Java, Rahwana’s wife Dewi Tari gave birth to a daughter. The baby so clearly resembled Wisnu’s wife, Dewi Sri, that Rahwana’s brother, Wibisana, realized she was an incarnation of the Goddess. Knowing of Rahwana’s obsession to posses Dewi Sri in all her incarnations, Wibisana was naturally afraid that the girl would eventually tempt Rahwana to incest. He therefore abducted the infant at birth, substituting a boy-child he had magically conjured out of a cloud. Wibisana placed Rahwana’s real child in a basket and set it afloat on the river. The child was discovered by King Janaka of Mantili, who named her Shinta and raised her as his own daughter.
When Indrajit died, his body dissolved and turned into a cloud that drifted off into the Heavens. Indrajit had returned to his origins.
And reading “Leather Gods & Wooden Heroes; Java’s Classical Wayang” recently make me put more interest on this character. And oh, I miss Mbah Bu, by the way :’)


I really want to learn how to make those things above. :D

Well it’s actually an obsession I kept since I was a kid. Big foot, loch ness, moth man, alien, weird animal and stories, bring it on! Hehe. Thanks to my dad who has a huge interest on alien, and all of that weird stuff, haha. Lucky me, my friend Adit also has interest on cryptozoology and alien, so it’s easy for me to get movies and new information related to it. :p


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