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Page 85: Twitter and Lies

/ Wednesday, August 24, 2011 /
It was Saturday (August 13, 2011), early morning, when that accident happened. Two persons died. It should be Sahur on the road, but Bowo, the driver drove the car on 200 km/hour.

Few hours later, people were tweeting about it. Some even mentioning bowo’s account - @bowcik with rude tweet attached on it as if he didn’t mourn nor have heart for causing death of his friends. I read it first on my friend’s tweet. I was pissed at that time. I checked the account and found that the account was locked. Instead of thinking that it could be (ruthless) hoax and logically assume that he’s seriously injured because he’s in the same car that crashed, I did what most of the people did: blaming and cursing him.

That was my tweet before I knew it was a calumny. Guilty as charged. I am.

Guess nobody knows whose fingers typed and send those lies first. But it proved that spreading hoax is a piece of cake on twitter – not only public opinion. That boy was doing mistakes, but to gather hatred towards him by counterfeited tweet wasn’t a right way to punish him. It’s only creating online modern drama that attracts tweeps to be part in it.


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