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Page 87: Hate in the Head

/ Friday, August 26, 2011 /
What’s the first thing in your mind if you see “God, what is Your religion?” printed on someone’s T-shirt? For me, it’s simply a question; questioning differentiation on people’s belief in this world that sometimes lead to debate or chaos. Chaos that makes the t-shirt owner tired and decided to ask directly to God about the truth, so people could live in peace because the answer finally revealed. It’s a question. Yet it’s a hope.

But for those haters in FPI, it was different, because maybe they have too much hate inside their head. Or they’re some kind of adrenaline junkies that think chaos could bring them excitement. And it forbids them to use their logic.

Read this, and if you can think straight and not an irrational believer, you probably will agree with me that there’s no such thing called “insulting religion” in this case. Well, not for the t-shirt maker and owner…


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