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Page 105: Stereotype & Prejudice

/ Monday, November 7, 2011 /
"the point is, people judge and classify from what appears in the surface. at first look, we could never be fair one to another. there will always be stereotype and prejudice. we are all those goods we choose to use. what we are carrying inside our brain is located in other dimension. it won’t ever be like huck overshadows tom and got his own story written, no. "

- "everything-in-between" , shint -

We can never escape ourselves from prejudice and stereotype. We can try to repress it, of course. But that "judging from appearance" will always filled the head, even if it's came in subtle and vague waves. I guess that's the consequences for being human. For the need to fit in. But to pay too much attention about what others might think about us because of our appearance only drag us onto the same level of banality, no? Well, i might be wrong. Nevertheless, what people think when they know books you've read, or music you're listening to, sometimes only make them judging you even more.

Still, after all that conclusion, thoughts, books and God knows the rest about inner beauty, world has this standard of outside beauty to follow, this…homogeneity. Wear this and you're awesome. Wear that and you get the sophisticated look. I’m not saying that I don't believe that most of the people (esp. urban people) still give priority more to inner beauty. My point is, stop denying outlook is one of the most important things that attract you to decide whether you want to know a person deeper or not.

Sounds pretty cynical? Hey, I'm a capricorn. I have rights to be cynic (sometimes), said one of the sites I've found via google. *justification, it is :p


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