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Page 124: Devil’s Whisper

/ Wednesday, January 18, 2012 /

Your brown eyes are my blue skies
They light up the rivers that the birds fly over
Better not to quench your thirst
Better not to be the first one diving in though you caught me and you know why
Warpaint, Undertow

Have you ever wondered what it's like if we’re a couple, not just (close) friends like we are now?
Have you ever pictured me as a woman, not just some silly girl who could make you laugh, most of the times, since the day we met years ago?
Have you ever felt jealous, even a bit - like a bee stung you inside your chest – when I told you about some guy who gave me attentions or attracted me, just like the one I felt when you told me about those chicks from your past?

Have you?

Because I’m afraid I fall for you, again…dear Magneto.

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Shoot. Can’t you see the same hole that had trapped you before, tia?!

"But I guess this isn’t about me. It’s about you needing something different than what I can give you. This “thing’ is elusive..."

Ah, well, better shake the devil’s whisper inside the head. Shake it out! And yes, I know I should stop writing this kind of crap. Hahaha. It's so cheesy.
So let’s dance with Mr. Kapranos and that silly unicorn until I forget! :D

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