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/ Wednesday, June 20, 2012 /
Have you ever heard the proverb “music is universal”? I think most of you had. The closest proof or example I have related that saying is Sigur Ros. Why? Because although their lyrics was written in Icelandic, somehow a lot of people still understand and enjoy the music; the gloominess, the melancholy, etc. 

And I heard that they are going to held concert in Singapore. November. This. Year.


These are videos from their documentary film, one of the best documentary films ever made, Heima.

Oh, and this is my short review of the movie.


Mix all those words above with enigmatic yet lovely sounds and performances from Sigur Rós, pretty scenes of Iceland, great concept of documentary, and voila!, you get Heima. Means “At Home”, Heima wrapped the tour around Iceland in the summer of 2006 of the band Sigur Rós. During the tour the band played two big open-air concerts at Miklatún - Reykjavík (30th July) and Ásbyrgi (4th August), as well as small scale concerts at Ólafsvík (24th July), Ísafjörður (26th July), Djúpavík (27th July), Háls, Öxnadalur (28th July) and Seyðisfjörður (3rd August). In addition, a protest concert was performed at Snæfellsskála (3rd August). The documentary also includes footage of an acoustic concert played for family and friends at Gamla Borg, a coffee shop in the small town Borg, on 22nd April 2007.

First 15 minutes wowed me. After that, I can’t stop smiling and ignore surroundings. I’ve been hypnotized! Haha. No jokes. The movie opened with concert that held at Ólafsvík. They brought Glósoli, from the album Takk, with much grandeur arrangement than the record version. During that, enchanting view of river stream and waterfalls inserted; flowing, and then reversed.

And it’s not just a compilation of concerts that makes Heima a special documentary movie. Some concerts were held to show several problems that Iceland been faced and should aware of. For instance, At Kárahnújkar, Sigur Rós held a protest concert to block the plan for electricity generator-dam building which they think it’s not more than a crude way to exploit the land. Therefore, they played Heysátan acoustically to represented their unsavory for it.

But my favorite was the one that held at Ásbyrgi, when the band performed Hoppípolla. Such a sight! All people gather in one wide field, huge each other, play kite, celebrating national holiday together. Love the way it captured! Love it! Love it!

Furthermore, the band also talked about their feelings being involved in the music industry. How it been scares (but excite) them at the same time, showing how “normal” they are.

At the end, it's not just about the Sigur Rós, it's just not about the Iceland..
It's about the people, interaction, saved heaven on earth: space you used to called "home"...

And by the way, have I said it’s truly recommended?



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