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Page 165: As Simple As That #2

/ Saturday, September 1, 2012 /
The truth is, I’m a bit tired when people told me to be more sensitive or observing someone’s feelings towards me. Like seriously, because I’m bad at it. Ha-ha-ha. I’m a lousy emotion reader (if you haven’t heard about this term, I invented it. Maybe :p)

No, I can’t tell if a guy has a crush on me just because sometimes he gazes into my eyes, or buy me blueberry cheesecake every single week, or the way he talks to me, etc. And after what I've been through, I don’t want to make another assumption of this and that. I’m not professor X who can read mind. It is fucking pointless. I repeat, fucking pointless.

If that guy is an adult, and he likes me, he would ask me out. It doesn't have to be a fancy date, just a simple casual date, just the two of us.
...Or he can kiss me without ask for my permission first. *what? It's just a kiss. I won't get pregnant or something.

Yes, my dear friend, i won't analyze just because you've told me that you thought this guy is into me. Maybe he's just being nice.
As simple as that.

“And I don't want a piece of mystery 
No I don't want to read your thoughts anymore”

Heinrich Maneuver, 
Yeah it's Interpol


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