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Page 181: The People vs. Larry Flynt

/ Saturday, October 27, 2012 /
I watched The People vs. Larry Flynt last week, and I like it.

I like the way the movie tells Larry’s subsequent clash with law; the arguments, how did he react with it, his behavior, his statements, etc.

I like memorable quotes in this movie:
Flynt: “Because if the First Amendment will protect a scumbag like me...then it'll protect all of you. 'Cause I'm the worst.”
“If we want to change the laws, that's another discussion...but our right to decide for ourselves cannot be restricted. George Orwell said that...”
One of the judges (I forgot his name): “the First Amendment is not everything. It's of very important value, but it's not the only value in our society.”

And I like the way the movie depicts how Larry loves Althea so much, until the day she died. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s…it’s beautiful. For me, it’s beautiful. Really.
Larry: You're not talking about monogamy? 
Althea: No. Of course not. How could you misunderstand me? 
I don't wanna get married and stop the way we live. The way we live is great. Nothing would change. My God. 
Larry: Why now? 
Althea: Because I only wanna be with you. You're the only man I wanna be with. I want this ring on my finger...to tell me that you love me above all other women. 
Larry: You want a ceremony? 
Althea: I wanna go to a church. I wanna stand in front of a preacher. 
Larry: Pay the preacher first...and we'll get a "cashectomy" from the lawyer on the way out. You are my life.                   
Althea: You're my life. 


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