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Page 199: Daily Basis

/ Saturday, January 19, 2013 /
As much as I think that in real life, things in “50 First Dates” highly unlikely would happen, I like that movie. Not because it’s romantic and offer you this idea of true love, but because of that scene when Lucy is showing her journal to Henry and says that when she reads it, it’s like listening to herself telling a story about her life.

And suddenly I felt this urge to start writing in my journal again, on daily basis. Not once-in-a-while-well-mostly-because-i-want-to-post-it-on-my-blog. Haha. But to write everyday no matter how short, silly or unnecessary it would be. Just to memorize about what happen in my life and how I see things at that time.

So let’s do it! :)


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