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Page 205: The Fall

/ Wednesday, February 13, 2013 /
“Googly Googly Googly Go Away” 

Vast desert, full of orange sand.
The blue city.
Butterfly reef and swimming with the elephant.
Amazing adventures.
Whimsical story that can help you cope with your own sadness. Your own disaster.
Mesmerizing scenery.
Those slow motions. Those beautiful colorful-black-white-in between scenes.

If The Fall were a man, he is definitely a person whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. Someone that can make me smile every day, share stories, compromise with his flaws because he compromises with mine as well, although I know him very well and probably can predict his movements, the way he thinking. Someone that can make me laugh with his jokes most of the times even some people might think that he has weird sense of humor. He’s smart in a stupid and silly way, realize that intelligence is important but not everything and knowledge means he knows things that probably unfamiliar for some people but keep his feet on the ground. He’s kind but has the dark side just like everybody else. He understands that sadness will always be part of life. He’s logical but also aware that we can always read or watch fantasy stories where unicorns, hippogriffs, dragons and warriors exist when everything in real world consume our energies too much. And of course I can talk about books, music, movies, interesting theories from sci-fi movie/ TV series like Fringe or Ancient Aliens, cryptozoology and aliens with him.

I watched this movie for the very first time in 2008. After I watched Twilight with my cousin and laughed like a pair of lunatics because that movie was beyond imbecility. Haha. Five years later, here I am, watching The Fall when I have a bad day, smiling for each scene that spreads warmth in my heart, never get bored.

So Tarsem  my dear, thank you for made this movie.

And i love you Catincaaaaaaa!!!


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