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Page 230: So-Called-Reality

/ Thursday, June 13, 2013 /
Sometimes “reality” shows make me want to throw TV with whatever things I could reach with my hands – of course something that tender enough so I won’t break it and still can watch movies and news. IMVHO, most of them are stupid, misleading, and fake. I know…I know…that it’s probably just a matter of scenario, that those people in that shows are different if you meet them in person. I understand that those shows have edited lotsa things from their daily life. That somehow, those shows have rebuilt their images. But some reality shows and their imbecilities just make me take a deep breath, or roll my eyes, or snort.

The show that pisses me off the most is probably Beauty and the Geek. Seriously, the way it uses dumb stereotypes not only debase pretty women, but also smart men. Oh yeah, if you’re pretty and sexy, you can’t be smart. If you’re blessed with flawless skin-amazing bone structure-nice curve you don’t have that obligation or need to read books and fill your brain with knowledge that can save you from being a stupid girl. Oh yeah, that’s definitely right, if you’re a geek male you have to look weird, sometimes creepy but then you can be that shallow when you meet gorgeous girls with huge boobies and wear slutty outfits. But hey, guess what, three seasons so far, so maybe its rank is good enough. In short, it has audience who probably love it to the bones.

Beauty and the Geek reminds me of another reality show that pretty popular when I was still a high school student, The Swan. Ugh, it showed that it saw how banal our society was. That it’s very hard for most people to accept an ugly person. Well, yeah, probably it’s true. But instead of provided wise solutions, that show, somehow, (again) IMVHO triggered and encouraged people to think that the only solution for that “problem” was plastic surgeon. Yeah yeah, some episodes showed me that those methods also good for their health, but more often than not were about outside beauty.

But I shouldn’t have been surprised with those kinda reality shows, right? It’s not the first time I saw something stupid on TV. And to quote Picasso, “the world today doesn't make sense”. So yeah, guess that the least that I can do is remember that those shows have their own realities. And it has failed to enlighten me, not even entertaining. Period.


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