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Page 285: Simple DIY project this weekend: Recycled Bottle Spoon/Fork Holder

/ Sunday, August 10, 2014 /
Moving to a smaller place is not as easy as moving to a bigger one. No, seriously, I’ve experienced it a few months ago. I had to remove some things or brought them to my parents’ home, like a few mugs and utensils, so my room, the bathroom and that tiny-supposed-to-be-multifunction room won’t look like a Shelob’s nest (if you’ve seen/read Lord of the Ring, you know what I mean).

I put my small dish rack and a few plates in the shared kitchen (on the 1st floor of the building I live in), but keep my cutlery in my room, because it’s easier if I want to eat in my room (which, FYI, is on the 4th floor).

I used to keep my spoon and fork in a box where I also keep my CDs and DVDs. Yep, I didn’t have a spoon/fork holder and kept forgetting to buy it. But one day, I bought a bottle of juice and decided to keep the bottle. I soaked it in a hot water for 10 minutes to remove the label and glue, washed it, and put a silver string around its neck. Voila! I have a spoon/fork holder now.

You can also use it as a vase or..go to pinterest for some enlightenment. Haha.



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