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Page 287: Simple DIY Project This Weekend: Create Your Own Cutting Sticker

/ Monday, September 8, 2014 /
As I mentioned in the other post, the best thing of decorating stuff with masking/ washi tape is that it’s repositionable and removable for when you get tired of it. Yesterday, after exhausting week meeting people for work and some freelance project, I decided to spend my afternoon in my room playing with masking tape and create my own cutting sticker for my box. I wasn’t feeling very well too that afternoon, so it’s a good time to recharge myself.

1. Things you need:
A. Tape
B. Tracing/ Parchment Paper
C. Scissors
D. Pen

2. Draw an image on the tracing paper. I drew a deer head shape. You can also search an image on internet, print it out, and place it down on a piece of tracing/ parchment paper. If there is a side of the paper you prefer to use for creating washi tape appliqués, you want the image to be taped onto that side.

3-4. Cover the side of the paper with strips of overlapping tape. Start from the point where you will peel once the sticker is ready to be used.

5. Take scissors, carefully cut around the traced outline of the image.

6. Carefully peel the image off of the paper backing and stick to the surface of the desired thing.

And done! :)


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