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Page 307: Scavenging

/ Wednesday, January 6, 2016 /
It was a stupid game after all - to took a little piece of my heart and slipped it in your pocket.
I thought it would be fun.
I thought I would remember and would get it back before we're apart.

You didn’t realize it. 
And I forgot about it.

So you may have thrown it somewhere along with things you didn’t need.
[like the leftovers in the fridge,
or the dirt on your shoes,
or the conversation that has run dry]

But no worries.
I'll find it.
I’ll get it back someday. 

I’m pretty good at scavenging.
[and repairing]

Even without instructions,
without maps.

Let’s be strangers again.

It’s better.
It’s safer.

"Pack up, don't stray"
Maps - YYYs


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