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Page 311: On Faith and Some People

/ Monday, March 14, 2016 /
O boy, 

Some people do have that urge to create hell in this life for those who don't share the same belief as theirs because (maybe) they believe it will make it easier for them to get to heaven later. Sometimes I wonder how it feels to be them. For not accepting that faith is personal, it's something that you hold dear to your heart and that it's elusive sometimes. I just don't understand why some people just wanna create a battle field to show that they're right, that they have more power and prerogative. Those people, who refuse to learn more about what's really going on, who refuse that some people can believe what they don't and it can be harmless and discussion should be enough. If they believe that their God is almighty, shouldn't they believe that God will take care of everything?
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