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Page 16: Another Heroin Beside Urasawa Naoki

/ Friday, December 17, 2010 /
Roman Muradov. I promise I’ll follow his works just like I did with Urasawa Naoki. Of course both of them have different style. But they have this similarity…this..magic that makes me crave for their works more, and more. I love his works. Everything! Illustrations, comics, writings, and short stories – especially comics. He’s brilliant. My favorite one - seems like everyone's fav too - is the lonely bear. Dark, but can put a smirk on your face. Somehow, Muradov can captured and portray loneliness in the right way: that being alone and lonely is different. Loneliness is within you... You can’t expel it by hundreds of people around you. You can’t make it disappear just by having companion.

Meet Muradov

And the lonely bear

*Gosh, I really wanna hug that bear. At least once in his life… :) *

Other works

Find more of him in this site


{ language magpie } on: December 23, 2010 at 5:04 PM said...

i'm interviewing this unique persona for versus' next issue =]
and you know what, ty, he once wrote that he wanted to date a journalist, aw aw aw, would you call that a chance?

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