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Page 64: Happiness Trigger #3: Radiohead

/ Sunday, June 19, 2011 /
So here’s the problem when you’re listening to a band that formed when you’re still a toddler; when you’re at age when you can afford their ticket concert, they’ll be quite old. Old enough to make you afraid soon they’ll decided to retired or they’ll be too lazy to rock the stage. If it’s not the major issue, let’s say, that band gets bigger and better, the price of their concert ticket makes your jaw dropped. Or, if your saving’s enough to buy their ticket, they put another standard. Rumors said they won’t come to your country unless they know that your people concern about, and having contribution for; environmental issues, fair trade, or human rights.

With Radiohead and me, all of those problems above, mixed. I was the kid who’d come to my cousin’s room each noon to listened to Creep and stare at television when its video been played. I am that kid. They’re the band; 5 saints who created great music with brilliant lyrics. Yes, I admit I put them way way aside when those pretty boys from Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, 911, Moffats, Nsync, Five – you name it -  made me scream like a wacko. Hehe.

I’m not their fan at that time.

Not until idioteque. Not until Kid A.

Since then, they’re my greatest harborage. I’m aware that I’m not their biggest fan on earth, not even in this country.  But for me, they’re the greatest band on earth. The greatest! I love this band. And I hope one day I’ll have that luck to watch them live in concert. I’ve no doubt that I’ll cry like a baby during the show. I’ll have that shiver, cold palms, and heart that beats like an earthquake… 

Okay, this is going to be random:
-    Always on my playlist since the first time I heard these songs: “Let Down”, “Paranoid Android” and “Fog”.
-    I think Kid A was their best album so far, although my favorite’s still OK Computer (what can I say? It has “Let Down”, “Paranoid Android”, “No Surprises”, and “Karma Police” in it). Why Kid A was their best? Well, because it’s the album where they’d made such a brave move and brilliant concept. It’s synthesized, claustrophobic, alternately lush and abrasive, with cryptic lyrics. It’s like they didn’t give a shit what other people would say, or think, at that time. Their music changed quite drastically compared with previous album, OK Computer.
-    I used to think that Jonny Greenwood was half alien, just like Bjork. He doesn’t look older and getting sexier. :p
-    If I can choose which song to be play at my interment, that would be “Pyramid Song”
-    My wedding song: You.
“You are the sun and moon and stars are you. And I could never run away from you”
-    Favorite video: Street Spirit (Fade Out)
-    Bought their latest album including vinyl although I don’t have the player. Yeah, I know it sounds silly. Hahahaha.
-    Really love the first shirt I have with their faces on it. Although my sister caused so much damage, and it looks so damn ugly with holes and dirt after she borrowed it.
-    Easily attract to a guy who also loves their music. Once, a guy tried to approach me, and when he said not so good thing about Radiohead, I decided not to let whatever kind of relationship he tried to build with me, happen. Yeah, I know it sounds silly too x)

Oh, how I love them :)


{ nik.e } on: June 22, 2011 at 2:44 PM said...

"So here’s the problem when you’re listening to a band that formed when you’re still a toddler.."
well guess what, i'm a fan of a band that formed when i wasn't even existed. but they totally swept me off my feet when i heard them for the first time when i was 10. and somehow i believe they're one of the significant reasons why i'm so in love with music :)
i had to skip a chance watching them live last year due to my marriage, tho i already bought the ticket. but i hope i'll have that chance one day :D

{ ty } on: June 23, 2011 at 9:24 PM said...

Lemme guess, U2, right? hehe.
what? u already bought the ticket? awwh..

yah, semoga kamu bisa nonton mereka dan aku nonton pujaan ku inih.. eh, tapi aku juga mau deng nonton Om Bono,hehe... AMIN! :D

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