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/ Friday, December 23, 2011 /

Helen: You've got to make plans
Poppy: A five-year plan? Like Stalin? (laughing)
Helen: You’ve got to take life seriously. You can’t get drunk every night, partying, however much fun it is. I just want you to be happy, that’s all
Poppy: I’m not drunk all night.  I am happy
Helen: I don’t think you are

That's one of my favorite conversations from Happy Go Lucky. When Poppy (Sally Hawkins) visited her younger sister, Helen who's married and pregnant at that time. It reminds me of some people around me who accidentally - or on purpose - act like Helen. Those people regularly said that at my age, I supposed to start thinking about my life. In a serious way.

They said it’s time for me start thinking about actions need to be taken for long-term effects. They said it's time for me to stop or reduce the frequency of coming to concert. They said “don’t be such hedonists” (hahaha. This one is funny!). They said that I must get married soon and becoming a mother (well, still looking for my future husband). They told me not to look for scholarships for master degree; women are destined to serves husband anyway. They said - and obtrude - …oh too many. Sometimes I replied by joking, sometimes seriously, but sometimes just smiling because it’s a bit exhausting talking with people who consider their opinions are unbeatable.

It feels funny. Because - as far as i can remember - I never criticized the way they live their lives. I only give advice when they ask.

I mean, I think about my life. I saved up some money. I want to get married and have kid(s). But that does not mean that I must follow their words because they think, that's the way it is. I think as long as the person does not feel the loss through life like that, or harm no one, we should let them be. When I told them that every person has their own way of looking at and living life, they tried to convince me that human life is like a textbook. There are activities and phase for every age. See? They’re so look like Helen or what? Haha.

But then again I remember what Poppy said after Helen try to convince her that Poppy is not happy. Poppy said, “I love my life. Yeah, it can be tough at times. That’s part of it, isn’t it? I’ve got amazing friends, I love my freedom. I’m a lucky lady. I know that.”

Well, I think one of the most important things is know what you've got and what you want. And live with it... Because human are so much more than a textbook. And if “Helens” can’t deal with it, so be it, it’s their problem anyway. :D


*old post, 2 years ago. Re-post it to convince a friend - or anyone - that your happiness doesn't depend on others' statement(s) or approval. It's in you. Cheers!


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