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Page 119: S07E08 Hope

/ Saturday, December 24, 2011 /
Just watched one of my favorite TV series, Criminal Minds, and in the episode “Hope” – which has a sick character as unsub, Bill - appeared this nice quote from American mythologist, writer and lecturer, Joseph Campbell,
"Find a place inside where there's joy, 
and the joy will burn out the pain."

Then I searched again for his quotes and I found some. These are my favorites:
“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”
“I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”

“Life is without meaning. 
You bring the meaning to it. 
The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. 
Being alive is the meaning.”

Those words are soothing and calming if you let them make you feel that way. Keep living life, people! :)


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