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/ Friday, January 27, 2012 /

I love How About Orange. This blog filled with nice DIY tutorials, including how to make origami.  Well, actually Jessica Jones, the blog owner found video instructions for making a cat bookmark designed by Jo Nakashima on YouTube. Just like her, I tried it out. And I agree with her, some steps were tricky, but I managed to prevail (after more than 45 minutes, haha)! 

I also tried another origami Jo Nakashima—the 3D version of kitten origami.

After those cats, I found video instruction for making penguin. So I tried it out and found that folding Mr. Penguin was way easier than the cat. I also saw video for making dragon, but I thought I’m going to save it for another day :D.

Little cousins, Nephews and Nieces
Kissing, playing, hugging, and blow bubbles. I love you, guys! :)


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