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Page 130: Waluya Sejati Abadi Nursing Home

/ Monday, January 30, 2012 /
What if suddenly everything surrounds you change? Your neighbors distrust you, even slander you. Government put a verdict of guilty for an issue which you felt you had nothing to do with it. And you have to spend years in jail, away from your family.

These tough women had experienced it.

They have been accused as communist (or member of Communist Party of Indonesia) during Soeharto regime. As we know in this country, back in those days, communism have been falsely accused as something despicable, cruel… Evil.

Even until now, a lot of people still think that communism and communist could threaten their life.

I met them on the first day of Lunar New Year. Thanks to Yoppy who took me there. Actually I wanted to capture Sin Cia Eve celebration and the day after, when people go to the temple. But shortly after he texted me that he wanted to visit a nursing home for ex political prisoners named Waluya Sejati Abadi, I changed my mind. Besides, i had family gathering on the day before Lunar New Year, so i couldn't hunt Sin Cia Eve.

So we went there. They have been very friendly, not only with Yoppy who already visited them before, but to me too. It’s been a nice few hours to had a little chat with them.



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