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Page 133: Last Lullaby

/ Wednesday, March 21, 2012 /
Perhaps there were intricate words in her head. Floating in abstract movement and left her no choices except mumbling and said discreetly in her head, in her heart; because perhaps that was all she could do. For kept screaming but no one listened. For being tormented soul that sang lullaby to accompanied her through nightmares, even when she awakened. The lullaby and prayers couldn’t expel the pain. Perhaps…

So she lost her appetite to choose path for her own life. The burdens in her chest were too much to handle. So she chose death, through rat poison which she swallowed to end all suffers. What’s the different between suicide and obligation to face your rapist every day, as husband; the despicable and abusive ones?

This story is real. It’s not a movie, novel, or crazy plot inside someone’s mind. “She” is real. Her name is Amina Filali. This 16-year-old girl, killed herself on March 10, after being severely beaten during a forced marriage to her rapist.

Zohra Filali the mother of rape victim, Amina Filali who committed suicide on March 10, shows a picture of her daughter
According to Avaaz, Article 475, in Morocco’s penal code allows a rapist to avoid prosecution and a long prison sentence by marrying his victim if she is a minor. Since 2006, the government has promised to strike this down and pass legislation prohibiting violence against women, but it hasn't happened. When Amina was brutally raped, her family reported it to officials in their town of Larache. Instead of prosecuting the rapist, the court allowed him the option of marrying his victim-- and Amina's family agreed to the proposal.

Sometimes such insanity makes me wonder what kind of monster that dancing upon a throne inside their hearts; those rapists and that society that embrace such a sick culture. Marrying your own rapist? Honor killing? And still blaming woman? What kind of law is that? Islam? Oh, please, I'm so tired of hearing about people using religion to justify the terrible things they do. Cut it off, fraud!

No more words to spill in this writing. This case is another sadness that represents how rot human souls can be.

Dear God, I know most of the people say that suicide is an unforgivable sin. But I know You are the fairest, the Almighty. Please keep her soul safe.

Rest in peace, dear Amina. I hope all prays for you are your last lullaby. Amen.


If you want to take action to bring justice for rape victims and protections for women and children, sign the petition here.
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