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Page 139: Disconnect

/ Sunday, May 13, 2012 /
Well this is an invitation
It’s not a threat
If you want communication
That’s what you get
I’m talking and talking but I don’t know how to connect
And I hold the record for being patient

The Cardigans – Communication

For the sake of my mental health, maybe disconnecting with you is the best decision I have now. I should’ve done this long time ago. From now on, you’ll be on your own. You won’t receive my call, short message, or any kind of invitation for casual conversation.

And I guess you won’t miss me. I’ve never been that important for you anyway. Never been on the list of top 20 people you’d call when something good happen to you. Why bother?

You only contact me when you don’t have girlfriend or jobless. If you have them both, poof, you’re gone. Such a weird friendship that we had. The problem is on you. Yes, we had good memories, but I couldn’t recall them to keep me participate on this tiring cycle. Don’t get me wrong dude, I don’t despise you for that. Well, maybe a bit. I just think that it’s enough. I have the obligation to keep my heart safe from any pain caused by interaction with any other human being.

This isn’t whining. This is a statement, a closure.

So long old friend. Wish you won’t ever be happier than me in the future. Mwa-ha-ha *sheldon cooper's evil laugh :;

You broke your word
Now that's a lie
We had a deal that you would try
Come on inside, girl, boy, I think it's time
High time we drew the line

But then this bird just flew away
While I looked the other way
Oh to keep her his caged would just delay the spring

Oh you broke my soul
Dear you stole the plot
You left an empty shot
There's nothing left here 'cos you took the lot
An empty cage is all I've got

'Cos when your bird has flown away
She He was never meant to stay
Oh to keep her his caged would just delay the spring
To keep her his caged would just delay the spring

Travis – Cage *with some modification.


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