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Page 143: Frailty of Popularity

/ Monday, May 28, 2012 /
Captain America: Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you?
Tony Stark: Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
– The Avengers.

I enjoyed the movie. It’s not brilliant like Memento or Old Boy that made such impact for me and made me want to put it right away on Facebook in Fav movies section, or tweet it, or recommended it to a person in some random chat. It’s entertaining; beside Loki whose pale skin and dark hair had captured my eyes or Hulk with his rough childish demeanor during the battle that somehow brought this weird cuteness, Stark is also included in that package of joy.

It’s not because of his intelligence or wealth, but his sense of humor. I don’t know if Stark in comic has the same characteristic; that kind of blatant narcissism and silly words flow from his mouth, which somehow also boost his popularity.

Speak about popularity; I remember articles I’ve read about Lana Del Rey controversy, from her fake lips to her performance on SNL. I’m neither her lover nor hater. I only have two of her songs on my computer. I had watched her SNL video and her other live performance (which was not that horrible, actually).

image from here

I won’t make some pop-culture analysis on her case; I found it well written on these articles below.
The Guardian

I think it’s kind of funny how people overly scorn her. I mean, she’s not the first woman on earth who injected silicon/ collagen in some part of her body to “enhancing” her outside beauty. She’s not the first who change her hair color and comb it to make it looks marvelous. She’s not the only singer who use gimmick to gain attention. Yes, I’ve read about the indie spirit which quoting my friend, “her mistake is using strategy that mainstream artist would’ve used.” But is that the major issue? If I like a musician, what matters to me the most is his/her/their songs and performance. Not the cloth, not the physical appearance, or injected lips.

In short, we must admit that she (and her label/ publicist) made it! Their strategy gained audience. And that’s the frailty of popularity; for being famous, for attention and a lot of the people on this planet will recognize you when you walk on the street. Del Rey has her popularity because people also drew the stairs to let her reached it; no matter how sucks her songs and live performance, or how fake her lips and history, society made her famous.

Just like Benny as Sherlock said, “Why? Appreciation! Applause! At long last the spotlight. That's the frailty of genius, John. It needs an audience.” Famous and Genius, when it comes to audience, they're not that different.

From my point of view, her controversy is overrated. We still have real problems that we should put more concern of: poverty, corruption, human trafficking, or even wicked alien race which on their journey to invade our planet and make us their slaves (too much watching ancient alien, sorry).

So let’s move on.

That’s Benny, I love him.

And that’s Hulk, my big green baby. I love him too. :D


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