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Page 142: Anyway

/ Monday, May 21, 2012 /
Obviously, when it comes to forgetting bad memories, i'm a lousy one. Some wounds are healed; I don’t feel the physical pain anymore if I take a look at those scars, but still, those scars contains the memory of ache in it, a memory that fast asleep in the repository somewhere back in my head. And it bugged the hell outta me. I think that has been keeping me uncomfortably piqued since last week; to suddenly reminisce about it.

I know people tend to wish they could turn back the time when they realized something bad happened in the past. Wish they could do something better and change their own history, their mistakes, their imbecility. Cliché. But in this circumstances, I wish I posses the power of the observer in Fringe. Only his power, not his bald head :p.



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