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Page 145: My Favorite Loony Scientist

/ Wednesday, June 13, 2012 /
on TV series is Walter Bishop 

  • He has a recorded I.Q. of 196.
  • He loves milkshake, jelly, cookies, and other foods that make him seem like a harmless old man when he consuming them. Remember, he’s a mad scientist. He had made deadly weapons and did things that potentially destroy our universe and the alternative.
  • He often says things which seem so obvious that no one else wants to say (or thinks necessary) and tends to burst into song while working, as he believes it helps him think.
  • He makes me sad each time he feels contrite. Beyond his kookiness, he has a good heart.
  • He's often eats or drinks while working on a body, no matter how disgusting everyone else thinks it is.
  • He loves Peter so much.
I salute John Noble for his ability to portraying this character.

"There was something important. . . 
Oh! I've decided on the pancakes. Blueberry"

-Walter Bishop-



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