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/ Thursday, June 14, 2012 /
Dear ‘Insecure Pitiable Self-Pitying Too Much Whining’ person

I’m not the wisest person on earth, or have read tons of books about wisdom and philosophy and posses the ability to suddenly reciting philosophers to give some souls good advises.
But here’s my very humble opinion regarding your whining.

You’re not pitiable miserable drama queen because people treat you like one, or stating it without logical reasons that you’re fulfilling the requirements to be that kind of person (“let’s do some random shit tonight. Oh I know, let’s call her drama queen and treat her bad from now on! Because we can! Woohooo!” << If they do this, they’re a bunch of douchebags. Spit them on the face and leave).
You’re pitiable miserable drama queen because you think and act like one. And always wrote about how you’re so insecure and self-pitying and drama queen but you don’t want people to pity you (and OMG how weird that is) over and over like an endless carousel.
And no, I disagree with you that life is so hard to live just because you’re born under a particular zodiac.

Respect and love yourself. Life is too good to wish you were living someone else’s life. Or self-pitying. If only you want to learn about it.

this picture has nothing to do with self-pitying actually, but i like it, and this is my blog so i put it here :p
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