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/ Sunday, August 5, 2012 /
Random pile of shit that stuck in my head lately:

This country and bule.
Several things have changed in my office for these past few weeks. Let’s call it “reformation” (it sounds like political thingy, but I hope you know what I mean). My team and I have new space and new people to work with. Some of them are bule – word used by Indonesian to call foreigner, mostly Caucasian. Once, I had to accompany my bule colleague to check on an apartment at Kalibata City. It was night and the landlord who also my friend was late so we had to wait for two hours. This guy and I talked about books, music, movies, etc. Nothing was weird until I sensed a bunch of middle-aged men who were sitting nearby giggling, whispering, and sometimes glanced over at us. I heard one of them said unpleasant and nasty speculation about me and my friend, that we were some kind of “kawin kontrak” couple. “Kawin kontrak” is a term used to describe a marriage between a foreigner man and Indonesian woman under an agreement and period of time. It’s more like a hidden prostitution actually, since the ceremony doesn’t registered in KUA (Ministry of Religious Affairs) and the main reason is that the man need sexual partner. The man will pay the woman’s family and pimp. Back to my story, I guess my friend did not realize that and I had no intention to tell him either. I tried to ignore that bunch of shallow minded men because it was harmless for us at that time. (Although I wanted to yell at them, “you said that because you don’t understand English right? If you understand it, you would have known that we were talking about movies and books, you pervert!” )

That stereotype of “bule is sexually active, thus anyone who hang out with them also potentially has role as their sexual partner”, is so common until most Indonesian could easily judge them. I take it as weird and racist thing, because you don’t have to be bule to do premarital sex. I have Indonesian friends who have sex regularly with their girlfriend or boyfriend. Another weird thing is because actually, most Indonesian also has this admiration for bule, this some sort of tendency to see bule is much smarter, prettier, and even greater than Indonesian. I agree with my roommate that, “maybe it's because we were colonized by the Dutch for more than 350 years. Or maybe it's because we've seen too many Hollywood movies, bombarded by too many "western" media, and consumed too many of "western" culture.”

I mean, you can find ugly bule just like you can find ugly Indonesian. On the other hand, you can also find handsome Indonesian guy the same way you can easily find handsome bule.

That's Michael Fassbender. He's a handsome bule. And with those stubbles, maan, he's hot.
*yea i have a thing for guy with stubble :p

They are just people, flesh and blood, they eat, they poop, they fart, they laugh, do stupid things. In short, they are human, just like you and me. So chillax. Grab a glass of cold chocolate milk and go watch Big Bang Theory.

The question of how do animals poop while they hibernate.
Do they just stop poop-ing? Or they poop a lot before they fell asleep? I have found a link that explains about it but I still search for the right answer.

I don’t understand people that share (or tweet) their sexual life so often.
I really don’t. For me, you have to keep your sexual life private, because for Yorke’s sake, you do that with your private parts; therefore, you have to keep it private. Once or twice is okay, more than that, it makes me uncomfortable. I’m 27, I know what people do when they “get busy”. I don’t have the need to know what or whose “tool” that stick up on your ass, what is your favorite style on bed, or what songs that have been played during that section. You are not a porn star, don’t bother to share it with me, unless I ask. Please.

The question of why I don’t want to watch any Roman Polanski’s movie.
Especially after I answered, “He’s a rapist and pedophile.” Yet you still need better explanation than that? Oh, and that’s why I was disappointed to know that Johnny Depp defended Polanski for that matter. :|


{ Maroon Ranger } on: August 6, 2012 at 9:40 AM said...

neng, I've told you, Johnny Depp has taken a nasty turn, and became a full pledge douche.
Let's take a moment of silence for this great loss.

{ hertiana dwi putri } on: August 6, 2012 at 4:01 PM said...

Yes neheeeng...

Why Johnny? Why? Why? Why?
What the hell is wrong with you?
And by the way, your latest movies, ugh, sucks... :|

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