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Page 156: Do you like to read books?

/ Friday, August 10, 2012 /
Do you like to read books? If you nod, what kind of books do you read: fiction, fairytale, satirical, non-fiction, social studies, biography, science fiction? Would you mind to tell me about your favorite authors? Why do you like their works? What books that changed your life?

Tell me. Tell me the truth. Even if you don’t like reading, just blurt it out. Please do not lie to me, I repeat, DO NOT lie to me because I easily get irritated by people who pretend they know and like something just because they want to impress others. I won’t hate or despise you and think that you are shallow minded person just because you don’t read. Well, maybe a bit. If you don’t know who the hell are Tolkien, Tolstoy, Sartre, or Chekhov or Gaiman but you adore Meyer who wrote crappy stuff called Twilight, I might laugh at you. And I definitely will laugh harder if I know that you actually just pretend that you really like reading. It’s condescending.

I didn't post this because I want to act like a snob bitch, but because I know that not everyone would enjoy reading. It takes time, patience, and not kind of hobbies that will grow instantly. People who read have this fondness with words, stories, imagination, ideas, even the smell of the papers.

So yeah, I could tell that you are lying if I could not find a book in your room, or never caught you while you are paying full attention reading that bundle of joy. Or when you said that Neverwhere by Gaiman seems like a nice book and you want to borrow it from me although you never heard who he is or even read the summary that written on its back cover, just to impress some guy who think people who read books is cool *it is a good book, though. Of course. It’s Gaiman’s*

The conclusion: do not fake it, honey.

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