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Page 170: I know I'm not...

/ Wednesday, September 12, 2012 /

If someone asks, "how are you?", i would probably answer, "physically? or mentally?" and then "physically good, mentally, the otherwise". Hahaha. I know it's not funny.

I can pretend that i'm fine enough. That i'm as happy as clown can be. I can put a big smile like cheshire cat and laugh for silly things around me. I can. I really can.

It's on my survival kit kinda thing, recently. It soothes me in a bizarre way. It really is. And probably you won't get it. Yes, you, visitor(s) of this blog. How many of you who really read this shit? One? Two? None?

This is rubbish. I know.

"Happy is easy. You act happy, others see you as happy, you see yourself through their eyes, and you feel happy."
- Elaine, Ally McBeal -


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