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Page 190: Childhood is…

/ Wednesday, November 21, 2012 /
Climbed a mango tree that used to stand tall in front of my house.

Watched Mahabharata, Ramayana TV series, and wayang wong with my grandma. And for no particular reason, had a crush with Indrajit.

Went to Senen with my mom where we bought a lot of Album Donal Bebek and other books.

Had a little “party” every Saturday night with my dad and sister. No TV, just music from my dad’s old tape player. It was always The Beatles or Koes Ploes that made us dance like a bunch of imbeciles. Haha.

Ate unhealthy snacks that my parents forbid.

Had a strong hunch that under one of the classes at my elementary school, there’s a box filled with treasure. I remember my friend Septian and I were planning to come there at 2AM. It was so easy to convince him with a fake map that I drew. Of course, we never made it. Man, I was such an idiot back then.

Listened to my dad talking about UFO and alien and conspiracy theory. He still does this every time he got the chance. And I’m still his loyal partner to discuss with.

Danced under the rain.

Played galasin and overly competitive on it.

Obsessed with kungfu and every TV series with kungfu in it.

Created games with my sister and cousins that our parents considered as “dreadful” like:

   - Made my sister stood still, put an apple on top of her head and threw her with a knife in attempt to imitate a circus act that we had seen on TV.

   - Jumped freely from top of the bunk bed, with a simple rule: landing on our knees. I still remember my aunt yelled “do you want to break your legs?!”

   - Made a human tunnel and compete who can hung on the longest on such a weird position.

Hoped that one day I could find a magic door that leads me to wonderland where I can find unicorn, dragon, big foot, and other whimsical creatures.

Be the clumsiest kid in the family.

Screamed each time I saw onion’s skin. Until now, I still think it’s one of the most disgusting things in this world. I’ve learnt not to scream anymore, though.

Licked car freshener (orange scent) because I thought it would taste “fresh” just like orange. My uncle caught me while I was doing it, and I think my mom, although she laughed really hard, was very ashamed at that time.

Ate paper glue. It’s sweet. Seriously.

When one of my biggest concerns was afraid to wake up late on Sunday and I would missed my favorite cartoon series.

When I did lotsa lotsa stupid things.

When I was allowed to do mistakes because I’m just a kid.


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