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Page 192: Jumping Into Puddles with Sigur Rós

/ Tuesday, November 27, 2012 /
Wet converse shoes, soaked body, and tired feet. That night, I did not care if I get sick the day after. I cried and smiled all at once. It’s all because of Sigur Rós.

On November 23rd, Fort Canning Park, Singapore filled with hundreds of people with the same purpose, to watch one of the greatest bands from Iceland, Sigur Rós. It was raining since mid day, stopped for a while when they came to the stage, and on again like half an hour before the concert ended. They opened the concert with “Í Gær”. Jónsi with his signature style of a cello bow on guitar, his angelic voice, and enigmatic sound from the band hypnotized the audience. Including me, of course. I got goosebumps and bit my lip instead of screaming hysterically. Weeks before the concert, I was hoping they would play any song from their fifth album, Takk, especially “Gong”, "Glósóli", "Hoppípolla", and "Sæglópur" . Also "Ágætis Byrjun" (from the album Ágætis Byrjun) and “Vaka” from the album ( ). Eventually, it came true. The second song was “Vaka”. I’ve tried my best not to cry like a baby, and I did. Well, I cried a little. Hehe.

But my tears were streaming down when they performed “Glósóli”. I just couldn’t help it. Maybe that’s the magic of a good music, although you don’t understand the language and definitely won’t be able to sing along perfectly, it gets into your soul. Next, “Svefn-g-englar” from the album Ágætis Byrjun. This song also appeared in Vanilla Sky the movie. Ah, yes, I got the shivers! Back then, I couldn’t decide whether it’s because of the rain or the beautiful sounds from those talented people on the stage. Now I’m sure it was the sounds.

Jónsi didn’t say much during the concert, not even introduced each song, only a few “thank you” and when he was introducing the new song. I couldn’t remember the title, though. After “Svefn-g-englar”, Jónsi smiled to the audience and the next second I grinned like Cheshire cat when I heard the intro from “Sæglópur “. Followed by “Fljótavík” and then “Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása”, no one sing along. I was sure it was because of its hopelandic lyrics. Haha. But obviously I could hear people were screaming “Jónsi!” or “wohoo!” “Whoaaaa! Sigur Rós!” over and over.

Another mesmerizing moment came when they performed “Hoppípolla”. There were inexplicable feelings rushing through my brain that made me cried and smiled at the same time. Probably it happened to everybody else at the venue at that time. We were happy, for sure. It's a bit funny because "Hoppipolla" means "jumping into puddles" which was kind of represent the condition during concert caused by the weather.

They also performed songs from their latest album Valtari, like “Með Blóðnasir” and “Varúð”. In between those two they performed “Olsen Olsen” from the album Ágætis Byrjun. For Encore, they chose “Ekki Múkk” and “Popplagið”.

Conclusion: It’s a magnificent concert. And every little cell in my body was happy.


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