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/ Monday, December 31, 2012 /
10 years ago, I thought when I am turning 28, I would
     - Have no more acne (because my mom said so)
     - Have my dream car: classic VW Beetle. Blue!
     - Have a nice boyfriend, unlike my exes
     - Already have a master’s degree related to arts & culture
     - Have my short stories published in some well-recognized newspapers and magazines
     - Start my own business, like a coffee shop or antique store
     - Already participated in some exhibitions
However, well, reality bites. Haha. Five days from now, I’ll be 28 (damn! damn! damn!). Let’s face it.
     - I still have acnes. Want some?
     - I don’t have classic VW Beetle. 

Hello gorgeous! I want you.
     - I’m still single, while my exes probably already have new girlfriends. *Tsk. Where are you unicorn boy? 
     - Master’s degree? Short stories? Business? Exhibitions? A-hah-hah-hah-haaaaaaaaaaah. *can you feel   
       the pain in my laughter?

soon, honey. sooon
But at least I’ll go to Bromo to celebrate my birthday. And I have a bunch of plans in mind for 2013, hopefully I can execute them all. I am trying to be positive here, but somehow this post doesn’t show it. Hahahaha. *Again, can you feel my pain, peopleeee? Gaaah.

So buh-bye 2012, buh-bye 27.
Hello 2013, hello 28.
And Happy New Year, everyone! :)
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