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Page 202: The Impossible and Les Miserables

/ Wednesday, January 30, 2013 /
What i have in mind after watched these two:


It’s a good movie with great casts and cinematography. But what had impressed me the most was somehow, that movie makes me believe that I still can put hopes in humanity. That altruism still exists. Sometimes when I have this “bitter bitch syndrome”, it’s easier for me to find egoists instead of kind-hearted people. So yeah, it’s a good thing.


Dear Hugo, I know you’re such a big name in literature. And I’ve never read anything from you, but if what I saw yesterday really adapt your book, Les Miserables, then I have to say…I’m so sorry man, but I don’t think we can get along. And yes, I don’t know if people in that era did those things, but Les Miserables was just the epitome of “lebay-ness”. Even Romeo and Juliet would roll their eyes facing this package of hyper-melodramatic story. What I found as WTF moments in the movie:

1. So, here’s the case. Marius was a member of revolution movement. Eponine loved Marius, while Marius fell in love with Cosette. Eponine helped Marius to find Cosette although it broke her heart. My first WTF moment from this scheme was when Marius met Cosette for the first time at the market, and they only glanced at each other, and BOOM, they fell in love. Okay…okay…maybe it’s because I don’t believe in such thing called “love at the first sight”. Well I think half population in this planet also does not believe in it. I’d rather believe in the existence of Lochness monster. I mean, come on, Hugo. Could you please at least create some conversations between those lover birds so it would be easier for me to understand what kind of love they felt? You know…chemistry? We’re talking about love here, my dear Hugo, not just some physical attraction. And when they met for the second time, you made them declare their loves and took a vow to be true to each other before they even introduced themselves? Give me a break.

2. Eponine went to the battlefield with Marius and somebody shot her. Marius found out and he said, “Let me cover your wounds with words of love” Nggg…. Say whaaaaaaat? Say whaaaaaat? Say that again! Say that again if you dare monsieur! Hahahahahahahahaha. Swear to Yorke, I laughed my ass off. And felt giddy at the same time. If I were Eponine, I would definitely say, “Dudeeeee, stop singiiiiing. I don’t need your words of love. I really don’t. You know what I need? A DOCTOR! MEDICATION! Can’t you see this effin’ holes in my stomach because somebody just shot me? Do you really think that your words of love could heal me?”

Marius didn’t even say “I love you” to Eponine. I mean, he could’ve just lied before that girl passed away.

3. Russel Crowe. And the way he sings. Haha. Something was just wrong about it. Not terrible, but it’s bugged me somehow.

But Hathaway and Barks, hmm…they’re okay.


{ Maroon Ranger } on: February 1, 2013 at 10:50 AM said...

Eponine rocks!!
Javert is very kasian as in "udahlah Javert, ga usah nyanyi lagi, bunuh diri aja udah sekarang yaa.."

Fantine rules!! well, Anne Hathaway ruled as Fantine. Terasa gitu betapa beratnya jadi dongdot.

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