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Page 246: Look.. Dude.. If You’re a Journalist..

/ Saturday, September 7, 2013 /
I expect you to not taking advantage of the ownership of your press ID for your own personal benefit. If you’re applying for passport for some personal trip, don’t use your ID to cutting in line or make the process easier/faster for you.

If you’re a journalist,
I expect you to be smart, open minded, wise, yet still humble. Because dude, this world already filled with lots of arrogant people who constantly bragging like a boring merry-go-round about their abilities and intelligences. Yes, of course you have to be good with words, your job demands that, but you’re more than just some annoying-lunatic-grammar-nazi who makes a conversation less interesting just because you always have that urge to fix what people say although you actually understand the context of things they say. Yes, you have to be critical, but..isn’t it sort of exhausting to criticize what people say when it’s not really necessary?

If you’re a journalist,
I expect you to be less judgy. Because as a journalist, you’ve probably seen/ heard/ read things more than most common people in this world. Because your job demands you to meet so many people with different characters, backgrounds, and things that motivate them to do things. Because when most people see things in black and white, you have the access to see it in so many different colors and layers. And I know that as human we tend to make our own judgments in our heads, but I think the first and wisest thing to do about it is to keep them inside our heads for a while and put considerations of the impact if we eventually decide to make a statement based on those intricate words in our heads.

If you’re a journalist,
I want you to know that, as an ex journalist and a person who studied journalism, I know it is not easy to be a journalist. No, it’s not. It’s hard. Sometimes, it’s hard as f*ck. It’s tiring, physically and emotionally. You have to deal with a tight deadline, try to be less subjective (IMHO, there’s always a hidden agenda and cover all sides is almost impossible), keep your integrity, and idk about other countries, but in Indonesia, the rate for salary is pretty low. Not to mention that some people have bad perception about your job and the risk of getting killed in a conflict area or because you’re writing sensitive topic about politics. That’s why not everyone can be a good journalist and spend years in journalism with ethics and idealism. You have to be tough and sane enough to keep your attitude. And I hope you’re sane and wise enough to digest this writing in a good way, unlike some journalists whom I accidentally met and give journalists a bad name.

Well, just a thought.

“No one has ever pointed a gun to your head and forced you to be a journalist. You got here of your own volition, because you love writing, able to digging the facts and feel the importance to affiliate with most people. So sharpen your ability to write and present news.

Feed your brain every day, like you feed your stomach. Keep an open mind to new ideas and thoughts.

Don’t be arrogant and judgmental of others. Those who do not agree with you does not necessarily mean stupid or crazy. Keep yourself away from worshiping stereotypes.”


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