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Page 247: Giveaway of The Day

/ Monday, September 9, 2013 /
Two years ago, I did a project with two talented designers/illustrators, Aditya Wijanarko and Cempaka Surakusumah: “KIRA”, a short story collection. And two years ago, everyone can still read it online. But a few months ago I found out that evolitera, digital publishing company that has the right to publish my ebook, no longer has a website…only an app…designed for iPhone and iPad.

So, because I really love the artworks my friends made for it (my short stories are just so-so :p ), and I want anyone who doesn’t have an iPhone/iPad to still be able to see/own those cool stuff, I’m offering this:
  • If you’re interested to have the full version, you can have the ebook for free. Just send me an email and I’ll send it to you. As long as you’re law-abiding, not claiming our works as yours, I promise you not to grab a scissor and shove it up your ass :D
  • If you’re interested to have the hi-res version of the artwork(s), or posters, send me an email for price and size. Because I don’t have any rights to just give it to you for free. I have to ask my friends for it.
  • Adit has redesigned the cover and some parts of it. He said he hasn’t finished the whole book, but if you think that it’s better than the old one and wanna have the hard copy version, lemme know. Also check Studio Minor on behance, they’re open for cool projects.:)



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