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Page 249: Sister and Paths

/ Sunday, October 6, 2013 /
Hey you,

I know right now you think you want more than what you have right now. And you think it’s not greedy, it’s normal, it’s natural, because you always think that if a person wants things it means that that person needs them as well. And sometimes you’re just tired of hearing people telling you about letting go and say things will just get better or everything happens for a reason.

And yeah, life is a bitch sometimes.

And I feel you, my dear sister. I really do.

So shake those thoughts out of your head, that my life is way better than yours. That you have made stupid decisions and wish that you can turn back the time (you know we’re not in one of episodes of Fringe, or Star Trek, or Doraemon right?).

Regret is okay, but it’s there only to remind you that you shouldn’t repeat the same mistakes in the future. You’re wrong if you think that I’ve never had any regrets with what I’ve done. You have no idea how tired I was when those people told me to be just a little bit like you. You know, to be “a good girl”, less rebellious, can cook and bake, this and that. But I ignored them anyway because I knew it’s pointless and stupid to compare two people just because they’re sisters. And maybe now it’s your turn to ignore them when they say that you shouldn’t have done several things so you could have a life just like mine. They don’t know me that well..about my life, about my problems, about my thoughts, about how I see things in life. And I’m pretty sure they don’t know you that well and what you’ve been facing, and they say things because maybe they think that they’re that wise. Maybe they even think that they’re the next Dalai Lama.

And I know that I’m not that kind of sensitive sister who will always notice if you lose weight, or just cut your hair. You know I’m pretty insensitive and really dumb when it comes to read emotions. But I love you and care about you.

We took different paths, and now you’re dealing with steep part of yours just like I’m facing mine.
We took different paths embellished with different stories, dramas, and bitterness.
We took different paths and that’s that.


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