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Page 252: Piye Kabare? Isih Apiiik. So No Ex-Militant Please

/ Tuesday, November 19, 2013 /
When I come home to see my parents, these topics usually appear when I talk to my dad: my job, aliens, weird/ silly gossips about our neighbors, my nephews and nieces, problems in our country and stupid jokes. The last conversation I had with him about problems in our country was how lotsa people think that Soeharto era was still better than what we have today, that they miss that era. It’s sad, especially when people who say it are educated and knew the real truth, what really happened under that 32 years regime. 

Yes, I’m acutely aware that everything was cheaper but hell-to-the-o, he did crime against humanity, his family and friends were practicing corruption (we’re still facing this shitty situation, yes yes I know, you don’t have to remind me of that. Still it wasn’t a better era, IMO), and we inherited debts from him.

My dad and I have never had faith in any ex-militants-who-turned-into-politicians. We think that this kinda people have more tendencies to become a dictator, a cold-hearted tyrant, and a megalomaniac than politicians with different backgrounds. That’s why we’re a bit worried knowing that some ex-militants who are predicted to run for the next election. Merely because some people still think that enthrone someone who resembles Soeharto is a good idea. It feels like they’d prefer to be blinded with temporary solutions for problems in this country.

Seriously people, just ask Google to give you information about Soeharto's crime. I did. It will show you 1,760,000 results. And it's really heartbreaking to read those articles.


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