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Page 253: Those Obnoxious Photos

/ Tuesday, November 19, 2013 /
As much as I believe everyone has rights to post whatever s/he wants on his/her social media accounts as long as it's not about supporting crime against humanity, pedophilia, or other disgusting things – twitter, facebook, instagram, etc – it still makes me scratch my head (sometimes literally), to see photos with themes like:
  1. “Woo-look-at-my-obnoxious-drunk-face-because-i-had-sooo-muuuuch-fuuun-at-this-party-last-night” or
  2. “Oh-sheesh-men-love-to-lick-my-face-because-i-am-so-frikkin-edgy-fun-hot-girl-well-of-course-these-guys-are-just-friends” or
  3. “This-is-my-middle-finger-because-I’m-rebellious-guy-and-it’s-my-fave-gesture-slash-pose” or
  4. Bad-attitude-non-artistic-selfie.

5 photos? Fine...

You’re a teenager? I can still endure it. Your hormones sometimes just drive you to do that kinda madness.

But if you’re an adult, a functioning one, but 70% of your instagram filled with those kinds of photos, I have nothing to say except, “gaaaahhhh”.

Honey, it’s not entertaining, it’s irritating. 
It’s not funny/hilarious, it’s obnoxious. 
It’s not horrendous, it’s tedious.

Gosh, I know I need to stop bitching around like a hollier-than-thou bitch about this kinda thing but still I posted this simply because it’s my blog :p


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