Breathe, keep breathing. Don't lose your nerve" -

Page 273: Comforting You

/ Sunday, June 22, 2014 /
What I really wish right now is that those medications and therapy can give you a little comfort, dear mother. Because sometimes I feel that I can’t provide that, no matter how many jokes and hugs and kisses I've given you. I hate the glint of fear I saw in your eyes yesterday when we were talking about your condition. I wish I could erase it or at least alleviate it just by snapping my fingers and a single “abracadabra”. That would be the best gift ever, right? Right.

But I know I can't. And i hate that. 
I. Hate.That.
But I know you're a fighter because you taught me how to be one.
Now it’s my turn to help you remember those lessons, I guess. 


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