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Page 274: Leave This City

/ Saturday, June 28, 2014 /
It’s about time, I think. It’s about time to consider the idea to leave this city, this enticing but crazy city. There’s nothing left for me in this city. Well not much. Some of my favorite people have gone while others are preparing to leave. My two good friends whom I love very much also have the same idea and the image of saying goodbye to them..somehow scared me a bit. (Also, the idea of start our own farm isn't a bad idea. Not bad at all). I love my job but I still have doubt that I really can make an impact and have a real career. Guys that I met or dated were..weird. (I'm a weirdo, so if i can't stand them, there must be something wrong with them, haha). What else? Oh, the guy whom I like just threw my heart onto the pavement. Ta-daaa! *insert sad songs here :p*.

I mean, yes, my parents are here. But they will always be my parents and I will always have time when they need me to be around. I won’t miss these huge buildings, malls, skyscrapers. I won’t miss the traffic. Yes I will miss some new friends and gigs and some places, but I can always make new friends and find cool places somewhere else. There are too many memories in this city, but even the good ones are just fragments of experiences and feelings that I had.

This city won’t miss me, obviously. And some people would be glad because it means that I can contribute to make Jakarta to be less crowded.

So yeah, maybe it’s about time to make list of reasons why I should/n’t stay.
Still maybe, though.

Oh fickle heart of mine.

I lick my wounds but I can never see them getting better
Something’s gotta change
Things cannot stay the same


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