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Page 282: Lovely Nest, Lovely People

/ Wednesday, August 6, 2014 /
Her positive attitude soothes me, most of the time. She’s a dreamer, but also a doer – I love the way she uses “dream out loud” as her “tagline”. She’s a good listener – that kind of person who can make you feel comfortable to tell your problems without a fear of being judged and when she gives you an advice, it really makes sense and gives you the energy to overcome the difficult situations.

Her name is Nike. I met this lovely woman through a friend a few years ago, well, got her phone number to be exact, because I had to interview her to write an article. We met, and then started to read one another’s blog..found out that we have things in common, share the same interests, from books to music. Long story short, we became friends.

Last week, I came to her home in Bintaro, spent my Saturday with her and her adorable daughter, Kira. It was a blissful weekend for me, although we didn't have a picnic in the park like our first plan because it was raining.

(that's her and her daughter Kira, the right one was taken in Singapore, not Bintaro, haha) 

I liked the way she and her husband arranged things in their nest. Movie posters, books, artworks, furniture, etc. I wish I had better phone with better camera to show you what I meant, haha. But you can check her instagram and livingloving if you’re that curious. I think she posted pictures of her home and its decor on her instagram and that lovely website.

Sometimes, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

So how was your weekend?

photo courtesy of me except the first three, courtesy of Nike Prima Dewi


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