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Page 314: [Not] Brave Enough

/ Thursday, March 24, 2016 /

She told me to gather the courage that I once had, to be brave once again.
Be brave enough to break my own heart.
I think I did. Or you did.
You didn’t mean to. But you did break it.
Rejection doesn’t always come in a form of a word “no”, right?
She encouraged me to confess to you.
And I refused. 
Because some part of me believes that you knew I’m kinda into you.
And some part of me believes that even if you feel a little bit of attraction, you wouldn’t nurture it. Why would you? You have her. And it seems simpler to be with her. And you seem happier. You adore her.
Why wouldn't you? She seems amazing. I envy her. I do.

I loved the feeling when you touched my scar.

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