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Page 342: Sometimes (part 33)

/ Thursday, March 23, 2017 /
Sometimes I wonder if the memories of moments I shared with some people affect them the way they affect me when they appear in their mind. Like the memory of me kissing your closed eyelid the last time we met, that suddenly appeared this morning when I tried to collect the consciousness after waking up. I could've chosen other part of your face to kiss, that night (besides lips, of course, the mandatory one.) I chose your closed eyelid instead. I tried to remember why I did that. Maybe because that kinda kiss is believed to be some sort of way to wish a person well on every journey this person will have. Maybe because of Amelie. Maybe because I wish when you close your eyes, the image of me would appear, and you would remember me the way I want to be remembered. Maybe because I like you more than I should. One thing I'm certain of, I do hope you’re well wherever you are right now and wherever you'll be.

I miss you sometimes, dear hollow boy.
Although I know you don’t. You never did.


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